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Faith Sandwich

Reverse Oreo Cookie

My Recipe for Prayer

My Reverse Oreo Cookie Recipe for Prayer

Recently Shell Cowper-Smith was sharing Graham Cooke’s formula for prayer that he calls a “faith sandwich.” It’s “praise + prayer + praise.” Read more

Testimony for 30 for 30 Prayer

Since committing to the 30 for 30 prayer journey at The Gathering Place Church, I have been blessed immeasurably. Read more

It’s Time for Isaiah 59

This morning I woke up at 2:59 and again at 5:59. I was intrigued in that it was a minute before the 4th watch began and a minute before the end of the 4th watch. I felt led to read Isaiah 59:1,2 Read more

Clouds and Spiritual Warfare

3heavensIt’s still raining off and on this week, but I chose a good time to head out. After my walk, I sat on my bench and watched the clouds and noted that there were 3 layers. The first layer, closest to me, was moving very fast. The second layer was actually moving in the opposite direction. Read more

My Daughter ~ My Pleasure

dragonflyIt was the afternoon break and I had such a delightful time with the Lord about the dragonfly. A beautiful dragonfly had passed me and floated around me for awhile. I ran in to get my camera. I said, “Lord, make him stop!” as I wanted to get a picture. Read more

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