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Isaiah 40:21

Isaiah DeclarationsFriday, August 21, 2020

“Haven’t you heard? Don’t you understand? Are you deaf to the words of God–the words he gave before the world began? Are you so ignorant?”

Personal note: I felt like Isaiah was really holding the hearers/idolaters to the fire with this verse. Surely, the people must have heard about God, if not directly than through the generations before them. They must have wondered how this world came to be and who was behind its design. We’re in the 21st century AD and we’ve seen amazing discoveries that point to an “Intelligent Designer” and yet many are still deaf and blind.

  • Thank You, Father, that You display Your wonders to us every day. Interrupt our day to step aside and see from a new perspective. Your creation is a marvel and so are You.
  • Help us to hear what You are saying. Increase Your gifts of discernment, revelation, and understanding so that we can partner with You. We desire to say what You are saying and pray it back to You.
  • Speak to us about Your plans for our lives. Keep us in alignment with Your purpose. Increase our ability to respond to every nuance and even a whisper.
  • Holy Spirit, expand our knowledge of You, Your Word, and Your greatness as we read Your Scriptures. Speak to us between the lines and be our “highlighter”.
  • Fire up our spirits and cause us to share what we know to be true with others.
  • Remove the barriers to see and to hear for those who are lost and have never met You. Open their hearts to receive salvation. For once we meet You, we cannot deny You and Your love.
  • Pour out Your grace in new ways. Don’t let us be satisfied with where we’ve been. Create a burning inside that cannot be denied except it be satisfied with more of You.
  • Renew Your church. Bring revival to our nation. Break the strongholds of the enemy in every place its put its influence. Reveal its dark roots. Bring Your light to shine in this darkness.
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