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And Then His Heart Stopped Beating

heartstoppedWhile in worship this Sunday, during a the refrain, “Such love, Such love for us…” a song about the Cross and His gift of eternal life to us, I literally heard Jesus’ heartbeat. I was stunned when it stopped beating. It was so impactful. Read more

“Thanks Giving” Journal Notes

thankyouI woke up before the sun on Thanksgiving morning and knew I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. I woke up thankful and hungry for fellowship with the Lord. It’s been so hectic around my household with remodeling and finally moving everything back to its place. I’ve had my morning quiet time, but it’s been busy and purposeful rather than relaxing and “You-oriented.” So, I thought, why not get up. Light the outdoor fire, grab a blanket and spend some time with You.” Read more

My Daughter ~ No Boundaries

His love is beyond my visual horizon

His love abounds way beyond my visual horizon

This evening, I enjoyed a walk on the beach in Coronado. The wide ocean always captures my heart with it’s boundless horizon. Standing on the beach, watching the sunset, hearing the lap of the water, and enjoying the wind filled my heart with peace. My friend and I had started to review our prophetic words earlier in the day. Read more

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