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Trust in His Master Plan

I spent devotional time yesterday praying about the loss of innocent lives in Uvalde, Texas on May 24th. My spirit was so grieved for the families, their community, and our nation. So many of us have been fervent in prayer these past years, believing that we will see a turnaround. We must persevere and never give up hope. After I journaled my heart’s cry, I heard a siren in the distance and the Lord gave me this.


Times of tribulation and challenge of My authority are here. Even as you now hear the alert siren, be assured that I am above that sound. A new sound shall be heard in your cities, states, and nations. It will be a triumphant and victorious sound. The armies of heaven have joined My prayer warriors on earth. The battle has begun. Never forget that I have told you I am with you. I am with My saints and you shall prevail.

All that has been hidden must be exposed. Light must shine into this great darkness that has permeated My earth. Align to My design. Believe I am the Architect. I have great, great plans. Since the beginning of times, I have had the master plan. Trust My love. Trust My wisdom. Trust what I place in your heart to say and do.

You are efficient in Me. You are complete in Me. Draw near. Rest your heart on Mine. Hear the steady beat. This is a call to war. But although you see many things in the natural, it is truly being waged in the supernatural–beyond the veil.

Trust in what you know by My Spirit. Lean in more. I will open more to you.

Afterwards, I stepped into the shower and was singing and praying in the spirit and heard this phrase, “the stability of our times”. After dressing, I found it in Isaiah 33.

5 The Lord is exalted, for He dwells on high; He has filled Zion with justice and righteousness. 6 And He will be the stability of your times, A wealth of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge; The fear of the Lord is His treasure.

Isaiah 40:23

Isaiah 40

Sunday, August 23, 2020

“He judges the great people of the world and brings them all to nothing.”

Personal note: “The great people” in other versions is translated as princes with the Hebrew word, razan, meaning weighty, judicious, or commanding. My thoughts immediately went Daniel 2:21 where it says he removes kings and sets up kings and gives wisdom and understanding as He chooses. How many times in the Word have we seen this very thing? Saul/David, Adonijah/Solomon, Ahab/Jorem, Babylon’s King/Cyrus, to name but a few. I am reminded as we are in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic that those who “rule” over us set the rules and regulations that govern our lives and families. I would bet that many in charge–whether local, state, regional or national–have no clue that they will be judged on how they have cared for us during this time. I am also reminded of Paul’s letter to Timothy with its exhortation to pray for kings and all those in authority. (1 Tim 2:2)

  • Lord, it is our greatest wish to live tranquil and peaceful lives with all godliness as Paul advised Timothy. Help our hearts to look past their failures and pray for our leaders’ successes. For our sakes, give them wisdom and heavenly strategy.
  • We ask for Your wisdom and authority over our educational system particularly. Spur these educators into excellence, especially in communication. Mothers and fathers have been whipped-sawed over how to help their children in this confusing, scary, overwhelming time. Pour out an even greater anointing upon these parents to raise their children in this environment. Provide the necessary tools whether back to class, home-schooling, video-training, pod classes, or tutors. Guide their teachers and administrators. Defeat their own fears with faith. Let those who know You shine with brightness. Give them Your perfect solutions to help parents and children.
  • We stand against the father of lies and the author of confusion, “the forever loser” as Pastor Tim Sheets calls him. He was defeated at Calvary. Jesus now has the keys and He’s given the key ring to us, His church on earth. Ignite our hearts with Your prayers, Holy Spirit, as we operate with the authority You’ve given us. Help us to pray alongside You for righteousness, freedom, courage, strength, vision, and prosperity of our souls as well as our spirits and bodies.
  • Help us especially to watch our mouths in the days ahead. It is so easy to have opinions on how things should be done. Give us a nudge when we’re about to go too far. Let no word curses be heard from our mouths. (Psalm 59:12) This is especially true in the election season we are in, with the unrest in our cities, with false narratives being published, and with two sides to every decision of our lives: work, school, church, finances, leisure. Every area of our society has been affected and infected. Help us to remain humble and pure of heart that our prayers would be heard AND answered. You show Your favor to the humble. (James 4:6)

Isaiah 40:21

Isaiah DeclarationsFriday, August 21, 2020

“Haven’t you heard? Don’t you understand? Are you deaf to the words of God–the words he gave before the world began? Are you so ignorant?”

Personal note: I felt like Isaiah was really holding the hearers/idolaters to the fire with this verse. Surely, the people must have heard about God, if not directly than through the generations before them. They must have wondered how this world came to be and who was behind its design. We’re in the 21st century AD and we’ve seen amazing discoveries that point to an “Intelligent Designer” and yet many are still deaf and blind.

  • Thank You, Father, that You display Your wonders to us every day. Interrupt our day to step aside and see from a new perspective. Your creation is a marvel and so are You.
  • Help us to hear what You are saying. Increase Your gifts of discernment, revelation, and understanding so that we can partner with You. We desire to say what You are saying and pray it back to You.
  • Speak to us about Your plans for our lives. Keep us in alignment with Your purpose. Increase our ability to respond to every nuance and even a whisper.
  • Holy Spirit, expand our knowledge of You, Your Word, and Your greatness as we read Your Scriptures. Speak to us between the lines and be our “highlighter”.
  • Fire up our spirits and cause us to share what we know to be true with others.
  • Remove the barriers to see and to hear for those who are lost and have never met You. Open their hearts to receive salvation. For once we meet You, we cannot deny You and Your love.
  • Pour out Your grace in new ways. Don’t let us be satisfied with where we’ve been. Create a burning inside that cannot be denied except it be satisfied with more of You.
  • Renew Your church. Bring revival to our nation. Break the strongholds of the enemy in every place its put its influence. Reveal its dark roots. Bring Your light to shine in this darkness.

Isaiah 40:17

Isaiah DeclarationsMonday, August 17, 2020

“The nations of the world are worth nothing to him. In his eyes they count for less than nothing–mere emptiness and froth.”

Personal note: I had to remind myself that this chapter follows Hezekiah’s revelation of “his” royal treasuries to Babylon’s envoy after the Lord healed him and gave him 15 more years. Woe to any ruler or nation with such pride. This life and all we own will wither and fade, BUT, the treasure we retain is held deep in our hearts and spirits and will one day be laid at His feet. Today we see the nations in an uproar, our large cities are filthy and vile, and the spirit of control is rampant in this pandemic. AND YET! We believe the Kingdom of God and its rule and righteousness is alive and well AND increasing day by day.

  • Only You! Only YOU rule with righteousness and truth. Let the nations tremble before You. You are robed in majesty. Humble us, our government, and nation and from that place of repentance, hear our prayers. (Psalm 99:1, Psalm 93:1)
  • The day is approaching when You will again demonstrate Your power on this earth. All will see Your glory in signs and wonders. Many will turn back to You. Hasten the day, Lord! Release Your Spirit once again. Baptize us again, refresh us, renew us, strength us to stand and speak. (Micah 7:16, Acts 10:45)
  • Release Your revelation to us, show us mysteries in Your Word, give us dreams and visions, and with that the boldness to make decrees in Your name and activate heaven’s armies on our behalf. (Job 22:28, Eph 6:19)
  • We reject any twisting or turning of our foundational laws here in the United States. Tear down those that are against heaven and establish those that model Your wisdom. Give us Justices who proclaim Your justice.
  • We ask for blessing and favor on our nation–not for our sake–but for the sake of Your Gospel. You have called us to be a light to the world. Fight back the darkness that has creeped in and is now overtaking us. Ignite a holy fire in Your Bride. Make us jealous for You to the point that we fight with fervency and take back what’s Yours. Give us no rest until it’s done. (Matt 5:14, Is 62:6)
  • Anoint Your 5-fold ministries to call Your army to battle. Awaken them, anoint them with revelation and understanding, cause their shout to be heard throughout the nations. Give them a platform to mature the saints, awaken the sleeping ones, and bring a salvation message to those who live in the dark. (Eph 4:11)

Isaiah 40:10

Isaiah 40Monday, August 10, 2020

“Yes, the Sovereign Lord is coming in power. He will rule with a powerful arm. See, he brings his reward with him as he comes.”

Personal note: In today’s world climate, those who are mature in the Lord are seeing the signs of the end of the age. While we watch the turmoil on the earth, we also sense the battle in the heavenlies. In the first 9 verses, the Lord is telling Isaiah to hear His words of promise and speak them to His people. It is an urgent call to awaken, to see, to hear, and to shout that this life is temporary, but be comforted with what is to come. Our Lord is sovereign. He is all-powerful. He has a plan. He will win. We know the end of the Book. Help us, Lord, to see Your chapter headings!

  • Open our spiritual eyes to understand the signs of our times. Give us wisdom and revelation to know what to do and what to say. Help us to count our days and make each day count.
  • You, Who created this earth and every man and woman and child, have established our times and seasons. We call on the Divine timer You’ve placed in each of us. Ring the alarm bell. Awaken Your people and those You have registered in Your Book of Life. Now is the time to join Your army.
  • Receive our praise and thanksgiving for Your awesome power and might. When we have no strength, You are our strength. When our hearts are weak, You speak fire into our spirits.
  • Impart an urgency into us and those who have the platform to influence many. Increase Your call to intimacy for pastors, ministers, and spiritual leaders of all kinds. Give them Your anointing to lead us and help us adjust our focus from our circumstances to You.
  • Establish Your rule in our hearts. Cause us to let go of any ounce of rebellion. Encourage our surrender to Your orders. Help us to hear and obey You.
  • Stir our hearts to pray in the Spirit. Activate a militancy in our faith that we might line up behind Your command.
  • You have given us all authority. In Your name, Jesus, we say, “Chains of iniquity, be broken. Demonic influence, cease. Sickness, Disease, Cancer, be healed. Virus, be gone. Rebellion, be squashed, all demonic spirits of jealousy, lying, manipulation, control, twisting, and the like, go to the pit of hell. Breakthrough, come!”
  • Release Your angel armies under Your command to war in the heavenlies and minister on this earth.
  • Holy Spirit, draw all mankind to You and the Good News of Jesus. Now more than every unmask doctrines of demons and deception that has creeped into Your church.
  • Give Your servants and handmaidens affirmations, confirmations, encounters, and every kind of encouragement, today while there is time. Give us a peak, an inclination of what awaits us “on that day”. We don’t seek the rewards as much as The Rewarder. Help us to diligently seek You daily.
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