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Isaiah 40:10

Isaiah 40Monday, August 10, 2020

“Yes, the Sovereign Lord is coming in power. He will rule with a powerful arm. See, he brings his reward with him as he comes.”

Personal note: In today’s world climate, those who are mature in the Lord are seeing the signs of the end of the age. While we watch the turmoil on the earth, we also sense the battle in the heavenlies. In the first 9 verses, the Lord is telling Isaiah to hear His words of promise and speak them to His people. It is an urgent call to awaken, to see, to hear, and to shout that this life is temporary, but be comforted with what is to come. Our Lord is sovereign. He is all-powerful. He has a plan. He will win. We know the end of the Book. Help us, Lord, to see Your chapter headings!

  • Open our spiritual eyes to understand the signs of our times. Give us wisdom and revelation to know what to do and what to say. Help us to count our days and make each day count.
  • You, Who created this earth and every man and woman and child, have established our times and seasons. We call on the Divine timer You’ve placed in each of us. Ring the alarm bell. Awaken Your people and those You have registered in Your Book of Life. Now is the time to join Your army.
  • Receive our praise and thanksgiving for Your awesome power and might. When we have no strength, You are our strength. When our hearts are weak, You speak fire into our spirits.
  • Impart an urgency into us and those who have the platform to influence many. Increase Your call to intimacy for pastors, ministers, and spiritual leaders of all kinds. Give them Your anointing to lead us and help us adjust our focus from our circumstances to You.
  • Establish Your rule in our hearts. Cause us to let go of any ounce of rebellion. Encourage our surrender to Your orders. Help us to hear and obey You.
  • Stir our hearts to pray in the Spirit. Activate a militancy in our faith that we might line up behind Your command.
  • You have given us all authority. In Your name, Jesus, we say, “Chains of iniquity, be broken. Demonic influence, cease. Sickness, Disease, Cancer, be healed. Virus, be gone. Rebellion, be squashed, all demonic spirits of jealousy, lying, manipulation, control, twisting, and the like, go to the pit of hell. Breakthrough, come!”
  • Release Your angel armies under Your command to war in the heavenlies and minister on this earth.
  • Holy Spirit, draw all mankind to You and the Good News of Jesus. Now more than every unmask doctrines of demons and deception that has creeped into Your church.
  • Give Your servants and handmaidens affirmations, confirmations, encounters, and every kind of encouragement, today while there is time. Give us a peak, an inclination of what awaits us “on that day”. We don’t seek the rewards as much as The Rewarder. Help us to diligently seek You daily.

Stop, Seek, & Soak

Stop, Seek, & Soak

This week was particularly troublesome to my spirit. I had to face some real issues in prayer for others: troubled marriages, news of cancer, a suicide leaving 4 children under 12, and people who really needed a touch from God for breakthrough. I found after 3 days of battling in prayer that my joy was diminished to a real low point. Read more

Clouds and Spiritual Warfare

3heavensIt’s still raining off and on this week, but I chose a good time to head out. After my walk, I sat on my bench and watched the clouds and noted that there were 3 layers. The first layer, closest to me, was moving very fast. The second layer was actually moving in the opposite direction. Read more

Ping Pong or Prayer?

Would you rather play ping-pong or pray?
Remember who your enemy is this day.
We wrestle not against flesh and blood,
But against the powers of creepy crud. Read more

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