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My Daughter ~ Swirling Thoughts

I was facing a major decision in my life and just didn’t have peace. Thoughts were swirling around and around in my head. I finally sat down and journaled all of my concerns. I affirmed my desire to stay in the Lord’s will no matter what. We just celebrated Easter and I was recalling Jesus in Gethsemane and His statement, “Not my will, but Yours.” This morning a verse in Proverbs 13 had really struck me. Verse 20 says, “Walk with the wise and become wise.” As I journaled, I wrote, “All wisdom comes from You, Lord.” This was His reply:

My Daughter,

These are days of great turmoil. The enemy of your souls knows his days are numbered. There is great wickedness being practiced on the earth and in the heavens. He has stirred up a windstorm to confuse the people. It is an ill wind, like what happens in the desert. Nothing and no one is safe from the sand. It creeps into every crevice unless you are completely covered from head to toe.

This is why My Son’s precious blood is so important. It creates a complete shield and nothing can penetrate it. I am your shield. I am your protector. I am your safe harbor. I am your lighthouse even as My Spirit directs your steps and your decisions.

Wisdom calls. Wisdom beckons. Wisdom speaks. Wisdom leads. Wisdom imparts. Wisdom loves, even as I do. I said, “You are mine.”* I won’t let you out of My sight. I direct your path. I keep you on that path. I won’t let you stumble. I will give you favor with obstacles on your path. Draw aside. Listen. Obey. Ask Me in all things and wait for an answer. I will always be there for you.

[The Lord then spoke to me about Noah.] As crazy as it was to the outside world to build an ark when there had been no rain, his family knew he’d heard from Me and they too obeyed and participated in building the ark. I called all of the animals. I told him when to get in the ark. And I shut the door. This was not an unplanned event, Mary. It took decades for Noah to accomplish what he did in building the ark. But when the day came, it was swift. It was sudden. It was urgent…

Your trust in Me is foundational. Your belief in My love, My care, My direction,l My destiny for you and your children and children’s children is imperative. You cannot waver in your trust. You must set your face like a flint.

Be at peace. Seek My peace. Rest in My peace. Recognize agitation, uncomfortableness, little doubts and just turn them over to Me. I will never forsake you. I am always with you. You are mine.”

* During worship on the Sunday prior to this word, there was a quiet moment after the song. I had been worshiping and interceding, but felt to be quiet. It was a precious moment just between me and the Lord. I heard Him say, “You are mine.”

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