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Ping Pong or Prayer?

Would you rather play ping-pong or pray?
Remember who your enemy is this day.
We wrestle not against flesh and blood,
But against the powers of creepy crud.

Strife, division, and the funky blues –
All are tools the enemy will use.
Bind up that devil and his motley crew.
Count it all joy and pray things through.

When anger or anxiety start to surface,
Recognize the source and pray with purpose.
Rather than fighting him and them in the flesh,
Let the Lord handle your miserable mess!

Anxiety, anger, and accusations –
Who needs those rotten situations?
Hold fast to your crown and take a stand.
Pick up The Sword in your empty hand.

Instead of being tossed to and fro,
Get a-hold of The Word like a pro.
Choose to fight the enemy in the opposite spirit.
Listen to that still, small voice – come on, hear it!

“I’ve called you to take dominion
Over the prince of the air and his minion.
Rise up and fight.
NEVER take flight.”

I’ll faith it out
With a mighty shout,
“Jesus is Lord and I’m His servant!
Hands off, devil, I don’t deserve it.

I’ve got the King of Kings on my side.
So back off, Satan. I won’t backslide.
No more ping-pong with you today.”
Glory to God. He’ll hear me pray.

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