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My Daughter ~ Under My Waterfall

I was attending a conference at Christian International in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. On the first session we were encouraged to write the thoughts of God. Imagine my excitement as I had been practicing this ever since my salvation. Our activation requirement was to say in our hearts, “God, what are You saying to me?” We were then told to take the following steps:

#1 Pray in the spirit,
#2 The speaker would then pray for us, and
#3 Go silent and get tight with God.
#4 Don’t wait, just write. Write “My Daughter” or “My Son” and begin.

My Daughter,

You are under the waterfall of my love and embrace. Be refreshed in your spirit, your mind, and your soul. All that you hold onto, the fears, the worries, the desires of your heart mean nothing compared to the refreshing of My love poured out and over you.

You have been in the cave behind the waterfall – in the secret place, hidden from man and My people. But I am calling you forth in this hour. My grace is upon you. This is your day and your hour.

Below are pictures that accurately portray this message to my heart:

Waterfall    Come out from the cave

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