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The Lie That Binds Us

The Lie and The Revelation
This past December, my sister was here for a visit. One morning we were sitting outside with our coffee and talking about our childhood. I said to her, “The reason I was overweight was because of the steroids.” The moment I spoke it, it was like fireworks flashing. Read more

Those Who Serve Are Happier


As I walk the neighborhood I like to look up when cars and trucks pass and give a smile or wave. I was so surprised today when it hit me that about 95% of the people in service trucks and vans were willing to smile and wave. Sadly, I noticed that most of the resident drivers seemed occupied. Some looked angry, others looked worried and anxious. Some had no expression at all–almost devoid of expression. Read more

Banking A Move of God With Prayer

irrigationWhat I saw
This morning I went in a new direction, walking farther than I have in the past. As I turned on to the main street I was amazed to see a concrete canal and culvert. It had been hidden from view by sidewalk plantings. I’ve driven this street into our entrance for over two years and never saw it before. Read more

Cultivate Your Garden

perennialOne of the things I like about where we live is all of the perennial plantings and groupings. We have some color all throughout the year and plenty of greens and textures to enjoy. All of the homeowners seem to take the same approach to their landscaping with small areas or pots for seasonal color. It’s a smart way to design. The cost is up-front, but maintenance is so important. Read more

Saplings Need Support

stakingThe storms kept me from walking today, but when the rain changed to drizzle I ran out for some much-needed errands. I was not surprised to see so many saplings bending precariously. There were crews out in my neighborhood and on the main street clearing downed trees and restaking the new ones. Read more

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