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Those Who Serve Are Happier


As I walk the neighborhood I like to look up when cars and trucks pass and give a smile or wave. I was so surprised today when it hit me that about 95% of the people in service trucks and vans were willing to smile and wave. Sadly, I noticed that most of the resident drivers seemed occupied. Some looked angry, others looked worried and anxious. Some had no expression at all–almost devoid of expression.

I found my heart joining those who serve–plumbers, cleaning maids, landscapers, delivery people–busy about their day. When I said a cherry “Good morning!” they were always happy to reply the same. I asked the Lord to bless the work of their hands and to provide work for those who are willing to labor, but can’t find jobs. I found myself praying for our residents, who have such abundant “things” in their lives. What they need most is an experience with an awesome God… a vision, a dream, a purpose, a reason to be and have wealth for His Kingdom purposes.

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