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Banking A Move of God With Prayer

irrigationWhat I saw
This morning I went in a new direction, walking farther than I have in the past. As I turned on to the main street I was amazed to see a concrete canal and culvert. It had been hidden from view by sidewalk plantings. I’ve driven this street into our entrance for over two years and never saw it before. There was a sign posted and it read, “We are preserving our most precious resource by recycling our irrigation water.” The culvert, which went under the street, ended with a storm drain.

Now, recall that Southern California experienced almost two weeks of on and off storms with heavy rain and winds this month. This concrete canal at the base of the hills got a lot of use! I immediately was thinking about the songs the Body of Christ has been singing, asking the Lord to send His rain, and emphatically crying out our need for an outpouring of His love and the Holy Spirit power that brings renewal. At The Gathering Place Church we’ve been singing “Open Up the Skies” for over a year. Michael W. Smith’s “Let It Rain” is also a powerful song. Today’s Church is crying out… Now! Lord! Now! We want to see Your Glory, God!

As I turned back I noticed something else. At the beginning of the concrete canal, soil and sand had built up to almost half of the canal. Continuing on, I noted that tumbleweeds and branches had also found their way into the canal. I could tell that the debris had caused the flow of the water to change. First, it slowed it down, second, the debris and changed the direction of the flow.

What I thought
I began to think about our church and our passion for an open Heaven. I began to think how our pastors and leaders are like that concrete canal. They provide the solid base we need to capture the flow and direction of the Holy Spirit. As I noted this debris I began to think how important it would be for the repair crews to get in and clean it out soon. Otherwise, this precious runoff water would be lost. This debris could be interpreted as false teaching, lies, offense and other destructive plans the enemy might use. The repair crew speak to me of gifted prayer warriors and intercessors with the gifts of wisdom, revelation, and understanding. I began to pray for an Issachar anointing to be upon our leaders and intercessors that we would know the signs of the times and be ready. We will have to be so open to hear the Holy Spirit and sensitive to follow His lead. My final prayers were for all of us to WAKE UP and GET PREPARED… a storm is coming! Hallelujah!!

~ Confirming word by Chuck Pierce,
Glory of Zion Int’l. Ministries, January 29, 2010 ~

I hear the Lord saying to us: “In the midst of your warring and pressing forward, the enemy has tried to restrain your vision. He is subtly speaking to you that you cannot enter into all and accomplish your destiny in the future. I am going to allow you a glimpse of an acceleration of a new vision. The enemy has tried to stop you and you have moved in one way. He has moved you off of my track. He has created bars around you and is attempting to hold you captive.

But I have come to say to that named demonic force called Restraint! I am removing the influence of Restraints from you. I am telling Restraint how it must let go so you can begin to hear in new way. “You are to lift the bars now and let go this captive go! Restraint, no longer can you continue in your vision blocking force. No longer can you block the move of God in the future, you are now gone from this atmosphere!”

There is death in the pot! I have brought you to the beginning of the river to break the death out of the waters that will flow in days ahead. There is a new river that is rising! For you have had one refreshing move and felt the river flowing in one way, but debris has gotten into My waters and blocked the way for your future. But like a stick of dynamite, I am coming in to re-empower you, and I am blowing open that blockade that has been blocked up. A new river movement now begins. I say to that demon of Blockade, “You now must let go and go! Blockade, let go, and GO! For this river will be one that comes from a new spring. Don’t try to go back to the spring that brought in the last river. Know that I am going deeper to bring forth a new spring in this place. Don’t try to move in what flowed in one season, for you have seen nothing like the water that I am going to rise in your midst.”

I Am cleansing the waters of the past and Poison Bitterness will no longer affect the flow of the river ahead. All poison bitterness that has produced words that has attached deep into the soul of My people, I say to you, ‘Remove your fangs and LET GO!’

“You have seen a mission that has grown muddy. Now you will see the point of entry for the next release of My cleansing, healing water will come. Get ready and ask Me for the next healing movement. You have longed to see the outbreak, but now I will send in and release the healing waters that will now begin to flow. I Am forming the mantle for your future and I will recover you from the exposure of the past.”

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