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Clouds and Spiritual Warfare

3heavensIt’s still raining off and on this week, but I chose a good time to head out. After my walk, I sat on my bench and watched the clouds and noted that there were 3 layers. The first layer, closest to me, was moving very fast. The second layer was actually moving in the opposite direction. The top-most layer appeared to be stationary. I also noted that because the sun was shining through the clouds that I could actually see the 3 different layers. Where the sun wasn’t shining, the clouds were all grey with little discernible change. These layers reminded me of spiritual warfare.

We live in the “first” heaven where the Holy Spirit is stirring our prayers. Excitement is mounting as the clouds are rushing in the Spirit’s direction. In the “second” heaven, where satan’s powers and dominion is, the clouds were actually moving in the OPPOSITE direction. In the third heaven, where our Father and His Son and angelic hosts preside, it was stationary. The verse that came to mind was “I change not!” God’s word is truth and it remains.

Because of the sun–SON, I was able to “see” into the heavens through His gift of the Holy Spirit.

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