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vbfI woke up this morning with the word, “sanctuary,” and You on my heart. I said, “Good morning, My Father, My friend, My VBF!” and started to giggle like a school girl. I was so excited to get out of bed, make my coffee and grab my journal.

My V-B-F: My VERY Best Friend!
It should probably be my VBFF… Forever!  We’re going to have eternity to get to know each other, delight in each other. How I long to get to know You, Holy Spirit, in this life, in this time, in this hour.

I’ve read Benny’s books. I’ve read and heard about You from Graham Cooke. I’ve heard about You in an odd way from Kathryn Kuhlman from the past. But this day — when our nation rests from work [Labor Day], I want to rest in You!

Since You are Counselor, Teacher, Advocate, Giver, Breather, Breath, Wind, Spirit, Presence, Paraklete, Ruach [Roar] — interesting that isn’t it? ‘Cause it seems like all of Your attributes are so “female” — You know, soft, loving, kind… BUT there’s also that FIRE!

  • You came on Pentecost like a mighty, rushing wind.
  • You have a SOUND.
  • You deposited flames of tongues.
  • You can be adamant in your instructions like to Paul, NO! or to Peter, kill and eat!
  • You can be persistent… nudge, nudge, nudge, then a push and a shove.
  • You rise up in my warfare tongues and electrify me.

I’ll be You’re the “sound” of the trumpets at Jericho. I bet You’re the sound of the mulberry trees rustling. You’re the sound of horses galloping. You’re the new sound of worship that is coming.

OMGosh! YOU are the SONG of my heart! It’s Your spirit, married to mind, intermingled with mine, when the song of the Lord erupts in my heart and out of my mouth.

You’re the Wisdom… those precious pearls…that come out in statements. When I hear them, I stand back in my head and admire the unequivocal truth.

You are the Spirit of Truth. There is no grey in You. You’re not just black and white. You’re every color of the earthly rainbow and the heavenly spectrum.

YOU are the fog, the mist that covers and replenishes the earth. You are the rain that falls from heaven on all — the good and the bad, the rich and the poor, the saved and unsaved, the clean and the unclean.

You are NO respecter of persons, BUT, You are a friend to all, AND a BFF to many.

But to me, Mary Elizabeth Anne Best Puplava, YOU are my VBFF! very, very, very.

As this new day, new hour, new level, new awareness begins to flower and grow, please help me always to remember this moment of truth. I want to walk very closely with Your presence in and around my life.

I open up my heart, my mind, will and emotions to You… body, soul, and spirit. Please baptize me fresh and new with this new awakening. Teach me. Help me to experiment and explore who You are, what You think, what You want me to become. Be my teacher, my shaper and molder. I trust me in Your hands.

As we progress and I learn to know You and love You more, help me to impart that knowledge to others. I don’t want others to have to wait for decades to discover the richness of relationship they can have in this life.

Forgive me for “using” You in the past — like stirring up in tongues so I can fire off a prayer or see someone healed or battle the enemy for someone’s need. Wow! What a revelation that is! You must feel so used… and yet, out of love, deep love, You do answer those prayers. But no, in this day, You and I are going to become Mentor/disciple; Teacher/student, Friends.

Just now, I saw Jacob walking to his family with a limp after wrestling all night. I see Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai with his face aglow. I see Paul quaking, blind, fasting to understand. I see David in Your Tabernacle singing songs of love. Amazing.

This new day, You are beautiful. And You know what? You’re going to teach me about Jesus — not just head knowledge. You’re going to give me heart-spirit-soul knowledge of my Savior. And that’s not all… I believe You’re going to open the door to My Daddy, Abba Father.

Today I enter into my REST and cease from all my labor and works. I commit to You my life, my hands, my body, my brains, my gifts, my urges, my studies, my words and my actions. I’m staking my heart and desires on Your promises today. Teacher-Lover-Friend-Powerhouse of Love! Help me, please, to go through this narrow place, the Eye of the Needle, to the fullness of my future and destiny. I want to go through the open door to have the fullness of revelation of You; Father, Son and Spirit.

My daughter     ~     My Father
My lover           ~     My Bridegroom
My treasure      ~     My Giver & VBFF

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