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Relax Your Hips and Sway With the Music

Sway With the MusicThis morning as I woke up, I heard this over and over: “Relax your hips. Sway with the music.”

How I chuckled. Yesterday it was “Shoulders down, Mary.” and now this! Okay, okay! I worked out with my trainer yesterday and watched Dancing With the Stars last night. Perhaps there’s a tie-in here? But when I grabbed my bible this morning, all I could think about was Ephesians and Watchman Nee’s little book, Sit, Walk, Stand. Read more

Shoulders Down

Apply R.I.C.E. to frozen shoulderAs I was waking up this morning, I heard “Shoulders down, Mary.”
What do you mean, Lord?
“Let it all go and rest in Me.”

When we are busy, busy and have a lot of things on our plate, our administrative gift kicks in. That means our shoulders “of authority” shift up and we move into gear, ratcheting them up. Tightness and even “frozen shoulder” can result from being in that position too long. Read more

Isaiah & Psalms

Before I woke up this morning, I saw this written out in a line:
Isaiah 6 – Isaiah 11 – Isaiah 61

I woke up at 7:16 AM

I grabbed my journal and bible with my coffee. Read more

Believing is Seeing!

Golden Eagle in FlightI had an amazing experience just moments ago. I was coming home from church and passed my “sitting bench where I listen to God” and lo and behold a HUGE bird passed over my car. I pulled over to the side, stopped and rolled down my window to get a better look. Believe it or not, the bird circled around and came back right straight for my car and passed in front of my window and then flew in front of the car and finally to the side, out of my vision. Read more

Stop, Seek, & Soak

Stop, Seek, & Soak

This week was particularly troublesome to my spirit. I had to face some real issues in prayer for others: troubled marriages, news of cancer, a suicide leaving 4 children under 12, and people who really needed a touch from God for breakthrough. I found after 3 days of battling in prayer that my joy was diminished to a real low point. Read more

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