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Shoulders Down

Apply R.I.C.E. to frozen shoulderAs I was waking up this morning, I heard “Shoulders down, Mary.”
What do you mean, Lord?
“Let it all go and rest in Me.”

When we are busy, busy and have a lot of things on our plate, our administrative gift kicks in. That means our shoulders “of authority” shift up and we move into gear, ratcheting them up. Tightness and even “frozen shoulder” can result from being in that position too long.

Cause of Frozen Shoulder
The exact cause of frozen shoulder injuries is not known. However, it is widely believed that frozen shoulder injuries are caused by inflammation of the joint lining which causes scar tissue to form around the joint. This scar tissue restricts movement in the shoulder causing it to ‘freeze’ and can be very painful. It is also believed that incomplete healing of a previous shoulder injury can lead to frozen shoulder as incomplete healing from the initial injury creates a buildup of scar tissue and inflammation in the shoulder joint. It’s just not possible to stop everything and rest the injury properly. What ends up happening is we continually reinjure the shoulder through our daily activities further setting back our recovery.

Treatment for Frozen ShoulderR. I. C. E. formula for inflammation and pain

R – Rest, I – Ice, C – Compression, E – Elevation

REST in Him. Allow Him to remove the scar tissue.
ICE my current, worrisome issues (muscle tissues) by isolating the cares I’m carrying and applying the precious blood of Jesus.
COMPRESS my problem(s) by casting it (them) upon HIS shoulders.
ELEVATE His rule and authority in my life.

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