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Isaiah 40:2

No more regret! No more living with past wounds, hurts, and bitterness. This is a new day!

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Learning to Deal With Anger

boilingWe know that if a cup or vessel is an old one with surface scratches, boiling bubbles have a place to escape. I am reminded here about dealing with anger. As we mature in our walk with the Lord, we realize that anger is displeasing to Him and let’s face it, it never really makes a point anyway. Read more

Genesis 41:50-52 — Being Fruitful in Forgetting

As I was reading my Word Study NASB, I was riveted with Genesis 48: 50-52. “Now before the year of famine, two sons were born to Joseph…” Heavens! Were they twins??? It doesn’t say they were born one year after the other. It says before the YEAR of famine. Even with twins, there’s a first-born and a second-born as we saw with Esau and Jacob. [I’ve sent a request to a rabbi to verify my suspicion.] Read more

The Lie That Binds Us

The Lie and The Revelation
This past December, my sister was here for a visit. One morning we were sitting outside with our coffee and talking about our childhood. I said to her, “The reason I was overweight was because of the steroids.” The moment I spoke it, it was like fireworks flashing. Read more

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