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Isaiah 40:3

When all seems lost and dark, help us to prepare a way for the Lord.

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My Daughter ~ Leap Day

I was facing challenges and disappointments. My pastor had recently preached a sermon where he described facing prayer needs with a “Divine Sandwich.” It’s where a believer comes in alignment with the Lord, remains true of heart, and the Lord is at the other end. The two of us squeeze on the problem in the middle. Read more

John 16:33 — Be of Good Cheer!

All day I was troubled with someone’s possible loss, when with all my heart I thought the news would be the opposite. I prayed, I interceded, I pleaded, I cried. Finally, with a heavy heart, I decided to run an errand that would put me in my car for 40 minutes, listening to worship music. I continued to pray. Read more

He is our PEACE in every way


This morning as I sat on my bench after my walk, I felt like the Lord was saying, “Just as Jesus is the Prince of Peace, I am the Father of Peace, and my Spirit is the fruit of peace.” I felt like He was saying that He’s my everything peace and that’s Who He is. Father-Son-Spirit…. That’s a wonderful place to rest.

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