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YOU Get All the Glory!

complimentsRecently I received a series of compliments and encouragements. They touched me deeply, but I found them hard to hear in a way. There is no way I want to touch HIS glory. About a year ago, I asked a dear friend how she handles compliments on her work for the Lord. She told me she envisions walking right up to Jesus a laying them at His feet. I was encouraged by this and so I developed a routine. I love to garden and cut my flowers to bring inside. So, I envisioned a beautiful vase in front of Jesus where I deposit the flower (compliment) into the vase.

My first inclination when I receive a compliment is to deny it in a sense — like an “ah shucks” and change the topic, distract the person, or place the compliment back on someone else. So, I took it to the Lord, asking Him about the right way. I want to be His vessel and see His gifts operating through me. I want to see it confirmed, but I am fearful of touching His glory. Another part of me recognizes the importance of humility, but I don’t want it to be false humility as that’s almost as bad as pride!

An Inspired Thought

All of a sudden, I just knew. It’s worship! Constant praise and magnification of Who He is in me! That’s the answer. Following that revelation, I wrote this prayer:

Oh Lord, fill me to overflowing with that special grace. David had it, but David fell too. He should have gone to war in the time when kings go to war. Keep me always centered on You, Lord. Hold me close to Your heart. Let me look upon You in wonder, see Your majesty and power. Help me always to keep my eyes on You, Father, for Your unconditional love. On You, Jesus, for You are my “sozo”. Help me to understand Your teaching, Your example, Your words. Help me to be Your disciple too.

And oh my goodness, Holy Spirit, please be my Constant Companion. Help me to acknowledge You and Your presence in and around me. I want to walk with You resting upon me. I want to be that calm, fearless, woman of grace, filled and operating in Your nature. I want us to be best friends. I want to tell You my secrets and I want to hear Yours. Help me always to sense You, Your touch, Your leading. Help me to see Your paths — wisdom, understanding, knowledge, revelation. I don’t want them for head knowledge, but heart knowledge. Help me to be a Healer like You — in my words, my actions, my works, and in my giving. Help me to not resent a draw upon me, but be that lady of grace, always operating — not out of duty which I sometimes do, but out of truth from the inward parts.

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