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My Daughter ~ Your Journey

The last three months had been very stressful with leaving retirement and going back to work. There was so much to relearn and practically all the software I’d been used to was updated. Nothing seemed the same. On top of work, there were several people close to me who were really battling hard issues. I was able to take three weeks off in August with only working one day a week and spent time in Coronado. It was a time of reconnecting with the Lord, sorting through the burdens I’d been carrying, and restoring my vision, my call, and my priorities. On one of the last days before my return, the Lord spoke to me:

My Daughter,

This has been a wonderful journey for you and I. You’ve sunk deep. You’ve climbed high. You’ve seen Me and received My healing. Even as you’ve seen that “be made well” means “saved,” you have experienced salvation all over again.

Salvation doesn’t come just once in your life. It is an ongoing process until you are complete in Me in eternity. The key is to never rest in the state where you are. Your hunger has fed you. I put that hunger in you. It causes you to reach higher, reach farther, reach deeper. I am limitless. There are no boundaries to Me. There is always more to discover.

You ask. You seek. You will find. I am not a liar. My words are true — those I’ve spoken to your heart and the words of My Testimony.

All you need for your daily living and for the future plans I have for you are placed in Me. We must continue with our daily conversation. Even as you see me in the little things, I will begin to open your capacity for greater things.

I have made you to be a cheerleader, an encourager. It is who you are. You are a leader as Miriam, leading with her tambourine, and as Lydia, leading with her as well as her possessions. You are both Mary and Martha. You are My precious daughter. I know each of My children individually. You are learning that. Your heart has been softened this year. The revelation you are gaining is teaching you more than you know or can recognize. I am beginning to see My Son formed in you. And Mary, that is the goal of all of these experiences and circumstances you have faced this year.

Life is a progression. It never stops. It never sits back on its laurels. Remember Jacob’s ladder? Remember the ladder I spoke of to Nathaniel? It’s step after step, rung upon rung. It’s always a new level. You’ve learned to recognize stagnation. When water becomes stagnate, it breeds mosquitoes and they breed disease. My River of Life must flow in you and through you.

You needed this time. I needed this time with you. More has been done than you recognize. You’ve passed the test, Mary. Favor is coming your way. Prepare for breakthrough and glorify My name.

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