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I was dreaming just before I woke up this morning and heard, “It’s all about the superlatives.” Next in my mind’s eye I saw a Vonage commercial that has been played over and over in recent weeks. It is a commercial of 4 different Vonage customers discussing their phone bills from other companies: “Gigantic”, “Humongous”, “Enormous, huge bill.” In the end they crumple up the old bill and throw it onto a mountain of old bills. They made the switch. Here is a link to the commercial on YouTube.

As I got my coffee and sat with my journal to write this out, I immediately knew that this was a message about our Superlative God. I felt it was about His names, His nature, and His promises. These three things are like the three sides of the mountain. When we really “get it”–get the knowledge of God about His names, His nature, and His promises–all of our problems (like their crumpled bills) are marked PAID IN FULL by the precious Blood of Jesus.

One other connection hit me as I wrote about this inspirational thought this morning. I heard Natalie Grant’s song, “Your Great Name.” At the very end of her song, her voice gets to a place where it actually sounds like an instrument. When she sings that final “Your great name,” I hear a prophetic trumpet resounding with joy and truth.

So what’s the lesson?  If I have faith in His superlatives, my problems (the ones I make a “mountain of a mole hill” will be transformed by His power and His love. It’s time to make the switch!

Superlative, according to
Definition: of the highest kind, quality, or order; surpassing all else or others; supreme; extreme: superlative wisdom.
Synonyms: surpassing, excellent, magnificent, preeminent.

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