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Posts from the ‘My Daughter’ Category

My Daughter ~ Swirling Thoughts

I was facing a major decision in my life and just didn’t have peace. Thoughts were swirling around and around in my head. I finally sat down and journaled all of my concerns. I affirmed my desire to stay in the Lord’s will no matter what. Read more

My Daughter ~ Leap Day

I was facing challenges and disappointments. My pastor had recently preached a sermon where he described facing prayer needs with a “Divine Sandwich.” It’s where a believer comes in alignment with the Lord, remains true of heart, and the Lord is at the other end. The two of us squeeze on the problem in the middle. Read more

My Daughter ~ Obstacles

I attended a small group of 30 women at a worship and prayer event called “Encounter”. During a quiet moment, I heard the following and shared it with the ladies: Read more

My Daughter ~ I am listening

As I was on my way running errands, I passed the site of my car accident that I had on my birthday. I heard the Lord clearly say, “Slow down. Stop and Smell the roses.” I do know how to slow down, but I struggle with getting to a place of stillness with the Lord. Read more

My Daughter ~ A Birthday Gift

Today is my 61st birthday. Amazing. As I read my Proverb chapter of the day, my eyes lighted upon verse 3 and my note of ASK! in the margin. “Cry out for insight, and ask for understanding.” So, Lord, it’s my birthday today. I want to ask YOU for Your gift of more Holy Spirit. Read more

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