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Hear My Heartbeat

blanketI was having a particularly tough day this morning. I had a lot of people on my heart for prayer. I had three workmen in my home before 10:00 AM and then was asked to give someone a ride to a meeting. I had exactly 30 minutes before I was to leave. I sat in my “praying/listening” chair in my office and covered myself with a rainbow blanket (representing covenant) that some lady-friends had given me just the day before. I breathed out and then sighed. Read more


vbfI woke up this morning with the word, “sanctuary,” and You on my heart. I said, “Good morning, My Father, My friend, My VBF!” and started to giggle like a school girl. I was so excited to get out of bed, make my coffee and grab my journal. Read more

Looking Beyond

This is the decade to “Look Again” and this year, particularly, the word is to “Look Beyond.”

White heron on the lakeIt’s been awhile since I’ve been able to get out for a walk, but oh, it felt so, so good. I just put all my to do’s on hold for an hour and walked with the Lord. Praying and singing in the Spirit is how I usually start my walk. And then songs of love, of worship and appreciation just begin to flow out of my innermost being. Sometimes I’m delighted that they rhyme and other times it’s just phrase after phrase of love and admiration for my Creator, my King, my Inspiration. Read more

Acts 9:31 Encouragement

“The church then had peace… it became stronger
as the believers lived in the fear of the Lord.

And with the encouragement of the Holy Spirit,
it also grew in numbers.” (Acts 9:31 NLT) Read more

Overtake me, Lord!

I live in a very hilly development. Since beginning these walks the first of the year, I have been gradually increasing my endurance and my ability to attempt steep hills. Today I felt a great determination to conquer our steepest hill. I was only able to do it with my concentrated breathing, steadying my heart, and with a short time sitting on a rock. Read more

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