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On the same morning that my prayer was, “I want to be Your manger this Christmas,” I was driving my car to work, half-listening to the worship music, praying for family needs and mine too, when all of a sudden I remembered a dream snippet from three days ago. I had forgotten the dream and didn’t write it down. I’ll try to recount it as best as I can.

goldeneagleI don’t know where I was sitting I believe it was a table outside. All of a sudden, a huge, magnificent golden eagle flew in from my right and landed on the surface in front of me. It faced away from me, to my left. Oh my! The chest, the breadth of the shoulders and the folded wings! Then the eagle slowly turned its head around to its left, while its body still faced away, and looked me straight in the eyes. It was a piercing look. He looked straight through to my very fiber, brain waves, deepest heart strings.

All I could think was, “He KNOWS me! Nothing is hidden and all is exposed.” The interesting thing was, I didn’t feel guilty, embarrassed  or ashamed. What I felt was strength, courage, future. I know that sounds strange, but it’s like Paul’s statement about forgetting this momentary affliction. It was like my Commander was giving me instruction and the courage and strength from His example. The eagle always reminds me of the warrior prophet. Eagles eat snakes. Eagles also represent the seer anointing.

How wonderful of Holy Spirit to bring this dream back to my remembrance. My tearing eyes began to dry and strength infused me.

Note: I had a real life experience with a golden eagle over a year ago and wrote about it. Read “Believing is Seeing

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